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Mechanical CAD

Mechanical industry needs CAD/CAM/CAE specialists who are proficient in software tools covering a number of engineering functions including design, analysis using finite element analysis (FEA),CFD , manufacturing, production planning, product testing using virtual lab models and visualization, product documentation, product support. We offer courses and solutions for following softwares.

Civil / Architectural CAD

The CIVIL Engineering / Architectural industry has always a great demand for proficient draftmans, BIM engineers, Structural designers and analysts, transportation engineers, visualisers. Keeping the demands of civil industry we offer courses and solutions in following softwares.

Project Planning

Electrical & Electronic CAD & PCB designing


Today’s semiconductor and electronic systems are complex that designing them would be impossible without Electronic Design Automation (EDA). EDA has had an extraordinary effect on everyday human life with the development of conveniences such as cell phones, GPS, music players, PDA’s. EDA training in its various disciplines, including complex and large problem solving, will be valuable as new growth areas come into.

The objective of the course is to provide the knowledge on all the EDA software's required in the process of any product development cycle

Electrical and Electronic designing software packages that allow an engineer to create and manage electrical & Electronics schematics, panel layouts, terminal management, power supplies, semiconductors (such as transistors), and integrated circuits , Micro controller programming… etc